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5 Food Waste Facts – That Would Change Your Eating Habits [Infographic]

We were so inspired by the LoveFoodhatewaste, Greatist and Mashable UK information about food waste, we decided to make an infographic of our top 5 facts about food waste. 5 Facts About Food Waste Infographic

Therefore it is important we try and reduce as much food waste as...

Cold Food Packaging Sale

Last week we brought you our Autumn SALE on hot food packaging. This week we're launching our clearance sale on cold food items. Please note - Items are only available while stocks last. Cold Food Container Cake & Bakery Cold Drinks     To...

4 top tips in reducing food waste in the restaurant and catering industry [Infographic]

What if we told you, you were literally throwing away money? Food waste is an on going issue that can be costing your business more than you think. Not only is wasting food bad for the environment, it’s also costly. Wrap recommend applying a cost to food waste to demonstrate...

The impact of waste on marine life [Infographic]

We need to change the way we manage our waste, not only for us but for marine life as well. Infographic on the impact of waste on marine life  

And it doesn't stop there, the infographic shows the effects of waste pollution but marine life is also impacted...

The Autumn Sale

Autumn's here and what better way to welcome it with a SALE. We're here to help you get through those cold mornings and rainy days with a selection of soup pots and hot cups to warm you up, and all at a reduced price. Please note - Items are only available while stocks last.

Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area… [Infographic]

Due to the rise in plastic bag usage, a 5p charge was put in place on the 5th October 2015.  

Infographic showing the usage of plastic bags - Feel free to share. Here's something you may have missed about the plastic bag charges: Some retailers give the money, that comes...