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Posted by Emma on 15/01/13

A Landmark Year

The London 2012 Olympics brought our nation together and created a legacy that would not only change London, but influence future events around the globe.

London Bio Packaging had a crucial part to play in delivering LOCOG’s vision for a zero-waste Olympic Games. We designed, developed and supplied all the compostable and recyclable packaging! The packaging was then recycled or composted. 100% of waste was diverted from landfill – a world first for an event of this scale.

We are so proud to have been part of “the most sustainable Olympics and Paralympics of the modern era”. Please see our video on the project.

Some Olympic Stats:

  • 120,000,000 pieces of packaging supplied.
  • 100% of waste diverted from landfill
  • 2,908 tonnes of waste recycled
  • 1,706 tonnes of waste composted

New Product Design and Development:

We aim to be at the forefront of new product design and development. Our aim is to provide you with sustainable, high quality and affordable packaging. Some of the new product developments in 2012 include:

Other 2012 Developments:

  • Launched our funky new website: www.londonbiopackaging.com
  • Created a great new catalogue: download here or email us (info@londonbiopackaging.com) for a hard copy
  • Improved our Closed Loop program based on the Olympic Games approach. This process can be used to recycle or compost all waste for your business/ site/ event. Please email info@londonbiopackaging.com for more information.
  • Moved into a new bigger office – complete with a ping-pong table and union jack sofas!
  • Documented our work at the games in our first ever video

Our People:

Our budding team of eco-warriors is growing. In 2012 we saw many new enthusiasts join LBP :

  • Winston – he might be an English bulldog but he’s still a crucial part of the team
  • Emma – legendary Marketing Manager
  • Franck – Demand Planner extraordinair
  • Egle – number wizard & Junior Finance Executive
  • Ali- Sales Executive from the Big Apple
  • Ashleigh- Customer Service whizz kid
  • Rohan- Sales & Ping Pong Champ
  • Andrew- The next John Nash & Finance Director
  • Anneka- Spectacular Customer Service Advisor

Check out the full team here

Finally, What On the Horizon for 2013:

  • New and improved deliveries. We are going to upgrade our deliveries to another courier service shortly. This should result in an improved service with more in full on time deliveries.
  • More new product innovation. We are putting more resources than ever into developing new sustainable, high quality and affordable packaging products for you. Watch this space…
  • Closed loop projects – we want to help more of our customers with composting or recycling waste. If you are not already doing this get in touch!

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