Eco Label Guide

The 4 symbols in our eco label guide:



This eco symbol means the product is compostable and suitable for treatment in a commercial facility where it will break down in 8-12 weeks to leave compost, which can be used for agriculture. Products marked with this symbol conform to the EN13432 standard for compostability.


This eco label means the product is widely recycled in the UK/ Europe. The packaging can be recycled and then re-manufactured into a new product.

Renewable Resources

This symbol means the product is made from a bio (plant) based resource, which can be replenished at a rate comparable or faster than their rate of consumption. In most cases this is a crop like corn or potatoes but might also be a sustainable forest.

Recycled Material

This eco symbol means the product contains between 20-100% post-consumer waste, helping to conserve finite resources.

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