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Posted by Hasmita on 22/08/14

Is your business ready for the new food allergen labelling regulations?


Did you know…?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA), in conjunction with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), are introducing new allergen labelling regulations, which come into effect on the 13th December 2014.

Main changes to food labelling:

Here allergens are in bold. Source of Image: http://bit.ly/1tcRqwR

If you supply pre-packed food, your labels will need to:

√ Specify allergenic ingredients in a single place, i.e. the ingredients list. Meaning the allergy boxes often used now, such as: ‘Contains nuts’, will no longer be allowed.

There are 14 allergens that matter – these are listed below.

√ Emphasise allergens on the label. Either by bolding, italics, underling or highlighting.

√ Specify the food’s country of origin

√ Use a minimum font size of 1.2mm

Source of Image: http://bit.ly/1sRz0Tw

View more information about the changes for pre-packaged foods here.


The rules are different if you supply food without packaging or upon a customer’s request, such as in supermarkets, delis, cafes and restaurants.

If you supply food like this, for direct consumption, you won’t have to specify the information on the pack. Verbally, on a blackboard or via another medium is ok.

View more information about the rules for loose, unpackaged foods here.



Here is a list of the 14 Allergens:


Why are the regulations coming in?

They aim to make allergen information clearer and more consistent, helping consumers make a safe decision when purchasing foods.

What happens if I don’t comply?

The regulations will be enforced by local Environment Health Officers and failure to comply could result in large fines and prosecutions.



Follow the links below for more info on:

The regulations


Advice with labelling

Pre-packed foods: http://www.food.gov.uk/sites/default/files/multimedia/pdfs/publication/allergy-labelling-prepacked.pdf

Loose foods:




Sources of allergen images:
Eggs: http://bit.ly/1tialp6, Molluscs: http://bit.ly/1n5yQ3E, Crustaceans: http://bit.ly/1oNtShF, Celery: http://bit.ly/1rka5bx,
Milk: http://bit.ly/1AuRsTb, Fish: http://bit.ly/1p9Xhlt, Treenuts: http://bit.ly/1o9uIPO, Sulphites: http://bit.ly/1ti9owX,
Soya: http://bit.ly/1uRPM5O, Sesame:http://bit.ly/1p9WHUI, Peanuts: http://bit.ly/VCOFru, Mustard: http://bit.ly/1yVcLdJ,
Lupin: http://bit.ly/1oWONZM, Gluten: http://bit.ly/1vcCdv5

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