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Coffee vs Tea

Tea has always been the nations favorite hot drinks, however coffee is causing a stir in the whole matter. Here's an infographic to comparing the both.

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Posted by Gaby on 11/02/16

Traditional Meals Become Vegan

When thinking about vegan dishes, an English fry up or Sunday roast doesn't really come to mind, but you'd be surprised on what vegans actually eat!

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Posted by Gaby on 20/01/16

Wild Food Café – A case study on food packaging

A case study on food packaging | Wild Food Café surround themselves with companies that share the same ethos, as their packaging supplier here's how our packaging works with their ethos.

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Posted by Gaby on 13/01/16

Ripple Cups

Our Ripple Cups range is perfect if you are serving coffee, tea or any other hot beverages. With it's triple layered design, ripple cups are ideal to keep their contents insulated.

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Posted by Abdullah on 21/12/15
Food trends in 2016 - Display of fried insects

7 food trends to look out for in 2016

These food trends for 2016 range from bugs in your food to instant food deliveries! Find out more on what's going to be really HOT in 2016.

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Posted by Gaby on 14/12/15

COP21 – In Numbers

With COP21 entering its final days, this informative infographic covers a range of subjects, from the pledges made to the current climate.

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Posted by Gaby on 09/12/15

The run up to Christmas

We've come up with a selection of ways to make your Christmas special, from an eco Christmas to a vegan dinner. Make this Christmas one to remember.

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Posted by Gaby on 08/12/15

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