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Pop-ups, orange peel and African food

We spoke to the Groundnut team about African cuisine, how the pop-up model limits food waste and a circular economy story about orange peel.

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Posted by Abdullah on 01/12/15

Consumer Views on Eco-Friendly Companies [Infographic]

Find out what the consumers really think of environmentally friendly companies. And why you should really consider becoming an eco-friendly business.

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Posted by Abdullah on 18/11/15

Waste – The Perils and Blessings of Packaging.

Waste comes in many different forms, from food waste to packaging waste. It has become a big issue that we need to address, for our own wellbeing and also marine life.

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Posted by Gaby on 17/11/15

Fancy A Catch-up? | Newsletter

Find out about our Eco Graphics Library, Interview with a Vegan & some fun upcycling ideas!

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Posted by Abdullah on 11/11/15

Upcycling: Make Art Not Waste

Due to environmental and economical reasons, Upcycling has become more popular, and there are many everyday objects that can be upcycled.

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Posted by Gaby on 05/11/15
Damien Clarkson co-founder of Vegan Futures

Can Veganism Contribute to a Sustainable Future?

We sat down with Damien Clarkson (co-founder of Vegan Futures) and talked about veganism. He filled us in on the benefits and challenges involved and why he wanted to use London Bio Packaging’s products for the Vegan Futures event.

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Posted by Abdullah on 02/11/15

5 Food Waste Facts – That Would Change Your Eating Habits [Infographic]

We're all guilty of leaving food on our plate or throwing away out of date food, but here are 5 reasons why you should reduce food waste as much as possible

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Posted by Abdullah on 28/10/15

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