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Cold Food Packaging Sale

To celebrate Autumn we are having a big clearance sale on cold food packaging.

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Posted by Abdullah on 27/10/15

4 top tips in reducing food waste in the restaurant and catering industry [Infographic]

What if we told you, you were literally throwing away money? Food waste is an on going issue that can be costing your business more than you think. Here are some statistics on food wastage and ways to stop it!

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Posted by Gaby on 20/10/15

The impact of waste on marine life [Infographic]

We need to make drastic change to the way we handle our waste, as we are not the only ones affected by large amounts of waste, many marine life are to.

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Posted by Gaby on 16/10/15

The Autumn Sale

Autumn's here and what better way to welcome it with a SALE. We're here to help you get through those cold mornings and rainy days with a selection of soup pots and hot cups to warm you up, and all at a reduced price.

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Posted by Abdullah on 12/10/15

Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area… [Infographic]

Infographic about the new 5p charge for plastic carrier bags explains how the new charges can make a difference to the environment and to you.

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Posted by Gaby on 06/10/15

We’re inviting you to lunch!

Come and meet the team on September the 24th & 25th at the lunch trade show!

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Posted by Abdullah on 08/09/15

Summer Clearance Sale Catalogue

Our 2015 Summer clearance catalogue has more variety than you may think...

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Posted by Abdullah on 20/08/15

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