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Posted by Madeline on 06/03/14

Brand-tastic Facts

In just a matter of days we’ll be launching our new packaging brands, Sustain and Revive.

To wet your appetite ahead of their arrival, here are 4 brand-tastic facts:


Sustain: made from plantsSustain‘ – according to the Oxford Dictionary – means to ‘strengthen or support or ’cause to continue for an extended period’.

Our Sustain packaging uses only renewable resources – plants that re-grow. There’s no depleting resources on Sustain’s watch!


Recycled and recyclable plastic
rPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephtalate. It’s plastic that has already been used as packaging and recycled, and can be recycled once again.

Recycled and recyclable, rPET is just the ticket for our Revive packaging.


Adopting a Closed Loop ModelIn a sustainable context, ‘closed loop‘ is about keeping resources moving in a loop, with the aim of reducing natural resource use and carbon emissions.

The new brands do just this!

Packaging -> Revive -> packaging
Plants -> Sustain -> compost


Sustain is 100% compostable

Compostable‘ is like ‘biodegradable’ only stricter – it sets a time frame and the outcome is always compost.

Sustain is compostable – within 12 weeks in a commercial composting facility, it breaks down into compost, ready to help grow more plants.

So have your Sustain waste collected with your food waste for composting! (Also helps close the loop on your food waste!).


To find out more about how Sustain and Revive came about, check out this blog!

And of course we’ll update you as the brands go live!





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