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Posted by Madeline on 20/10/14

Carrier Bag Charges in Scotland


Carrier bags

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If you live in Scotland you’ll be well aware that, from this week, single-use carrier bags are no longer given out free when you’re buying goods in Scotland.

If you live in Wales or Northern Ireland, you’re already well acquainted with carrier bag charges.

And if you’re based in England, well you’ll be joining next year!

SaleSo what’s the bag levy all about? And if you’re a retailer, how can you help? Offering “Bags for Life” is one way.
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Bad Bags

In 2012, UK supermarkets gave out over 8 billion single-use carrier bags. That’s about 60,000 tonnes worth – and over 120 bags per person!

Plastic bags in landfill

All that glitters is not gold – plastic bags in landfill. Image source: http://bit.ly/1wlFoRl

Discarded bags are not only a very visible form of littering, plastic bags are a problem even when disposed of responsibly – they can take centuries to break down in landfill sites and, if they get into rivers and oceans, can injure wildlife.

The environmental effect of plastic bags also goes beyond disposal – making the plastic in the first place consumes resources, including oil, which we’ll one day run out of.

The Charge in Scotland

As of this week, if you’re a retailer you’re required to charge a minimum of 5p per bag (you can charge more).

Scotland introduced carrier bag charges this week (Oct 20th 2014)

This goes for single-use carrier bags made from plastic, paper and some types of plant-based material.

Exemptions: Bags exempt from the charge include:

* Some plant-based materials: cotton, flax, hemp, jute or sisal
* Some small bags e.g. small paper bags without a handle or gusset, small plastic bags without a handle. (More exemptions here)

Recording info: If your business employs 10 or more full time equivalent (FTE) members of staff, you’re required to keep, retain and produce information about the single-use carrier bags supplied and the money received as a result.

Proceeds: You’re encouraged by the Scottish Government to donate the proceeds from the charge to good causes in Scotland, particularly environmental causes.

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Old Hat in Wales

Wales introduced a 5 pence charge on new single-use carrier bags back in October 2011.

The Welsh government has a voluntary agreement with organisations and proceeds from the charge go to good causes.

The charge has been so effective that, while carrier bag distribution grew by 18% in England between 2010 and 2013, distribution in Wales fell 79%. Bag-nificent!

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Northern Ireland

Similar to Wales, Northern Ireland adopted a minimum 5p charge on single-use carrier bags in April 2013.

The proceeds go back to the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment and are used to local environmental projects.

The charge has been so successful that a proposed rise to 10p in April 2014 was cancelled!

And in January (2015), the charge is being extended to all new carrier bags with a retail price below 20p – regardless of whether they’re single-use or reusable. The change is to dissuade people from buying new, cheap reusable bags – and instead reuse bags to their full potential.

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England Up Next

England plans to introduce carrier bag charges next October

England is introducing a 5p charge next October (2015) on single-use plastic carrier bags only.

As well as excluding paper bags, England is exempting small and medium-sized (SME) businesses.

The small business exemption aims to reduce costs on growing businesses but it has been contended by some MPs who feel it will make the charge ineffective. They’ve also pointed out that the schemes in Wales and Ireland haven’t harmed small businesses.

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Sale on Bags for LifeSo if you’re a retailer, how can you help? 

One thing you can do is offer durable, reusable bags!

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Applies to England, Scotland and Wales. See our Delivery FAQs for more info.

Do even more…

* Take plastic and other single-use bags off your till points so that customers have to ask for bags.

* Offer incentives to encourage customers to bring their own bags.

* Use posters and in-store radio and tannoy systems to remind customers to bring their reusable bags with them.

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