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Posted by Madeline on 20/05/14

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Compostable Food Packaging for Festivals

Compostable Packaging at Festivals

Image courtesy of flickr user Eva Rinaldi | http://bit.ly/1iMLZCh

Trading at a festival this month?

On the hunt for the right disposable plates and packaging, to ensure your food looks as good as it tastes?

Perhaps you’ve also been asked by the festival organiser to use compostable packaging. (More on this below).

Well we have just the thing – cups, plates, cutlery, containers. All easy on the eye. And all biodegradable and compostable.


Order your compostable food packaging today to:

* Benefit from great prices
* Help protect the planet’s resources. Our compostable food packaging is made from plants. Did you know regular plastic and polystyrene packaging is made from oil?
* Watch your ‘waste’. Our compostable packaging can turned into compost after use – no bins or landfill sites here.
*  Give your festival dishes the good-looking packaging they deserve.



Order Your Compostable Cups, Plates & Cutlery

3 easy ways to order:
1. Online. Click on the category images below to browse our online Compostable Symbolstore and order online.
For compostable packaging, look out for the orange compostable symbol (see image right).

2. Call 44 (0) 20 7471 3700
3. Email orders@LondonBioPackaging.com.

* Free delivery on orders over £100 (in England, Wales & Scotland)
* Next day delivery on orders place before 12 noon, Monday to Thursday (in England, Wales & Scotland)
* Full delivery information available here.

Free samples: Don’t hesitate to contact us for free samples to try before you buy!


Festivals & Compostable Food Packaging


Lots of festivals ask food traders to make sure all their food and drinks packaging is compostable or reusable.

Why do festivals ask for compostable food packaging in particular?

Often festivals ask traders to use compostable packaging because they compost food waste. By using compostable plates and cups, these can be thrown away with food waste into the same bins.

If food waste is collected with general rubbish it’s typically incinerated or sent to landfill, where it emits methane.

To avoid greenhouse gas emissions and recycle festival food waste into something useful, festivals can send it to ‘in-vessel composting’ to be turned into compost, or ‘anaerobic digestion’ to be turned into bio-fertiliser and energy (e.g. electricity).

What is compostable food packaging?

All our compostable packaging has been independently certified as compostable.

‘Compostable’ is different to ‘biodegradable’ because lots of things will biodegrade if left long enough. Something compostable however, will break down into compost within just 12 weeks at an industrial composting plant.

What is the packaging made of?

All the materials used in our compostable food packaging come from renewable resources – they’re made from plants that re-grow. As well as sustainable forest paper, we use two less known materials:


Bagasse is made from sugar cane

Bagasse: this is leftover from sugar cane when sugar syrup is extracted (it’s used in lots of foods we eat). Instead of letting the leftover fibres go to waste – or worst burning them – they’re pulped, heated and moulded into packaging.

Bio-plastic: normal plastics are made from oil but our bio-plastics are made from corn. The sugar (dextrose) in corn is turned into a clear polymer.


Promote Your Compostable Food Packaging:

Spread the word that you use eco-friendly, compostable food packaging and why it’s so flipping great!

A few, easy ways to communicate your inner eco:

Social Media: Some example tweets. (You can tweet and follow us @LondonBio!)

  • Going green for [festival x]. All our [plates/cups] are eco-friendly – made from plants & compostable!Follow us on Twitter
  • We’re saying no to plastic! Our bio-plastic [salad containers] are made from plants, not oil.
  • At [festival x] our food and packaging waste will be turned into compost. Let’s say no to landfill!
  • Working towards #zerowaste – our [burger trays] can be composted with food waste.
  • Just ordered compostable, eco-friendly [forks & napkins] from @LondonBio.
  • Hooray [takeaway containers] can be sustainable – ours are made from sugar cane. Polystyrene is so last year
  • We want to be #zerowaste at [festival x]. Using the Sustainable Festival Guide from @LondonBio http://bit.ly/1sOvbK4


At Your Stall: Use signs, posters, a chalkboard, to:

  • Communicate that you use compostable packaging. 
  • Encourage festival-goers to put their plates and cups – as well as any leftover food – into the correct bins on site. 
  • Raise awareness of the food waste issue, for example by sharing these stats:

– If food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third biggest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the United States.
– In UK households alone, reducing food waste to zero would benefit the planet as much as taking 1 in 4 cars off the road


Any Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about any of our packaging – or for just a chat about green stuff!

Browse our shop: Products.LondonBioPackaging.com
Call us: +44 (0) 20 7471 3700
Email: orders@LondonBioPackaging.com


P.S. For tips on reducing your waste and going green at festivals this summer, view our Sustainable Festival Guide.

Festival Guide Contents:
1. Sustainable Festivals
2. Festival Traders
2.1 Reducing Food Waste
2.2 Recycling Packaging
3. Festival Organisers – Coming Soon! 


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