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Posted by Emma on 28/03/13

Our Customer of the Month, Detox Delight!

customer of the monthThe pure pleasure of juice

Detox Delight is a holistic approach to the sustainable improvement of nutrition and metabolism, and thus of well-being.

Their carefully balanced Juice Delight menus are prepared daily using top quality fruits and vegetables as well as special juicers to protect the nutrients they contain. They are rich in vitamins and valuable minerals but also contain secondary plant substances and highly effective superfoods such as spirulina, fresh wheat, barley grass, herbs and aloe vera.

-Simple but delicious, refreshing and yet surprisingly filling.

At the centre is a natural vitamin-rich diet based on fresh, pure plant ingredients that stimulates the self-cleansing of the body and makes it possible to reach out from the everyday personal ideal values for your own body.

A pure juice treatment is one of the best experiences you can have: by avoiding any intake of solid food (which requires about 60-70% of our body’s energy to be digested) Detox Delight’s digestive system and metabolism experience much less strain. The cleanse process is thus significantly enhanced. You will notice that you have more energy and will feel healthier.

They’re offering a juicy Easter promotion of a 7 day cleanse bought via Detox Delight, France– with the 8th day free!

That’s wellbeing delivered!

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