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Posted by Hasmita on 18/09/14

Eco Bakery Packaging & Cake Packaging



Bakeries and cafes use our eco-friendly packaging for baguettes, sandwiches, cakes, muffins, pastries…



Because our bakery packaging is plastic-free!

Plastics are made from oil, which is running out.

Instead of plastic, our packaging uses bio-plastic. This is made from corn, which can be re-grown – so it’s more sustainable than oil.

Because all the paper used in our bakery packaging comes from sustainable forests. 

Because our bakery packaging is compostable.

Often plastics can’t be recycled – take plastic film for example! So instead they’re incinerated (burnt) or sent to landfill.

Our packaging is more eco-friendly because it’s fully biodegradable and compostable – it turns into compost within 12 weeks in a commercial composting facility!



A sample of our eco bakery packaging and cake packaging:

Compostable Cake Boxes

Item code Description Size  Qty 
 G07049(I00211)  Medium  221x221x102mm  100
 G07050(I00212)  Large  305x305x102mm  100





Compostable Pop-up Box

Item code Description Size  Qty 
 G07050(I00212)  Large  305x305x102mm  100
 G07002(I01028)  Small  120x120x43mm  50




 Compostable Food Boxes

Item code Size Qty
Brown | White
G07045(I00159) | G07041(I00160) 755ml 450 | 500
G07046(I00162) | G06656(I00161) 1450ml 280 | 250
G07047(I00163) | G07042(I00164) 1965ml 180
G06539(I00165) | G07043(I00166) 2800ml 125 | 110
G06664(I00167) | G07044(I00168) 1324ml 300 | 250
G07048(I00531) 1280ml 400


Compostable Wrapping Sheets

Item code Description Size  Qty 
 G06960(I00823)  Paper Sheet  430x350mm  1000
 G06958(I00207)  Paper Sheet  300x350mm  2000
 H07137(I00621)  Film Sheet (large)  350x500mm  1000
 H07059(I00622)  Film Sheet (med)  300x400mm  1000


Perfect for wrapping your pastries and sandwiches in!


Compostable Muffin Wraps

Item code Description Size  Qty 
 G06967(I00768)  Brown  160x160x50mm  4800
 G06968(I00833)  Brown  160x160x50mm  200





Compostable/Recyclable Paper Counter Bags

Item code Description Size  Qty 
 G06979(I00440B)  Recyclable (brown)  175x175mm  1000
 G06980(I00502B)  Recyclable (brown)  250x250mm  1000
 G07040(I00180)  Compostable (white)  260x260mm  1000
 G06977(I01079)  Compostable (white)  152x152mm  1000


Compostable Film Bags

Item code Size  Qty 
 H07139(I00920)  150x260mm  1000
 H07141(I00921)  180x200mm  1000
 H07140(I00618)  180x180mm  1000
 H07138(I00620)  100x220mm  2000
 H07142(I00624)  200x200mm  1000
 H07143(I00623)  260x260mm  1000
 H07146(I01100)*  200x200mm  1000
*Peel & Seal Square Bag


 **Can’t find the eco bakery packaging you’re after? View our full range online.



Our eco bakery packaging in use:




How to get your hands on some eco bakery packaging?

Order via one of these three simple methods:

1. Online: click on the item codes above or browse our online store here.

2. Email: orders@londonbiopackaging.com

3. Phone: +44 (0) 20 7471 3700


REMEMBER – you can try before you buy: To request free samples, simply let us know the item codes and your delivery address and we’ll get your samples in the post straight away!


Free-Delivery-vanFree delivery: Free delivery available on orders over £100. Plus, next working day delivery on orders placed before 1pm, Monday to Thursday. Applies to England, Wales & Scotland. More info here.



Bespoke Printing Available

We also offer a bespoke print service so you can add your own design to your bakery packaging, subject to minimum order quantities.

Contact us for a quote and to learn more about minimum order quantities.

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