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Posted by Abdullah on 13/08/14

Just the Plaice for Eco Fish and Chip Packaging

Fish and chip restaurants up and down the British Isles are choosing our eco fish and chip packaging!


But what fish and chip packaging are they using? And how are they using the packaging to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the planet?


Customers are choosing fish and chip packaging made of sustainable materials. Packaging that is plastic and polystyrene-free!


Eco Fish & Chip Packaging

Our fish & chip packaging is made from sustainable materials

Regular plastic food packaging, such as the polystyrene containers often used for fish and chips, is made from oil – a finite resource.

Our fish and chip customers use alternative fish and chip packaging…

Packaging made from bio-plastic, bagasse and sustainable forest paper and wood!

All of these materials come from plants – a renewable resource as plants re-grow.

* Bio-plastic is made from corn.

* Bagasse is made from sugar cane.

* Sustainable paper and wood come from managed forests – protecting the forest, indigenous peoples and promoting biodiversity!

By choosing sustainable materials, our customers are using fewer of the planet’s resources!


Help protect the planet’s resources

Customers are choosing fish and chip packaging that can be recycled or composted.


Compostable fish and chip packaging

Unlike polystyrene, bagasse fish and chip packaging is compostable and biodegradable

Polystyrene packaging is rarely recycled. But even packaging that can normally be recycled poses a problem if covered with food.

That’s why our customers favour our compostable fish and chip packaging.

The packaging can be collected with food waste and turned into compost – ready to help grow more plants!

Using recyclable and and compostable fish and chip packaging could even be reducing our customers’ waste costs. This is because, as their general waste volume decreases, their waste disposal costs could fall too!



By choosing recyclable and compostable fish and chip packaging, our customers are reducing their waste and sending less to landfill.


Our customers use a range of eco fish and chip packaging:


Compostable Bagasse Containers

Item code Description Size
G06612(I01400) Square 450ml
G07027(I01403) Square 1000ml
G06613(I01401) Rectangular 600ml*
G06614(I01402) Rectangular 800ml
G06615(I01405) Rectangular 1000ml
G06506(I01406) Rectangular 1000ml*
G06616(I01407) Rectangular 1200ml
G07028(I01404) 2 Compartments 1000ml

(i) Because bagasse is plant-based unlike polystyrene, it’s breathable – meaning no more soggy chips!

Compostable Paper Tray

Item code Description Size
G07058(I01193) Standard 119x244x45mm
G07051(I00215) Slimline 248x60x35mm

Compostable and Recyclable Greaseproof Paper

Imitation Greaseproof Paper

Item code Size
G06960(I00823) 430x350mm

Compostable Condiment Cups

Condiment Cups

Item code Size
B05313(I00117) 1oz/30ml
B05314(I00118) 1oz/30ml

Compostable Portion Pots & Lid

Portion Pot

Item code Description Size
H04966(I00610) Pot 2oz/60ml
H07090(I00611) Pot 3oz/90ml
H07091(I00612) Pot 4oz/120ml
H04897(I00613) Lid 2/3/4oz

Compostable Wooden Cutlery

Item code Description Size
E03447(I01280) Chip Fork 85mm
E03441(I01274) Wooden Fork 160mm
E03442(I01275) Wooden Knife 160mm
E03443(I01276) Wooden Spoon 160mm
E03445(I01278) Wooden Teaspoon 110mm

**Also check out our range of recyclable paper napkins, Fairtrade salt & pepper sachets and recyclable carrier bags to accompany your fish ‘n’ chip packaging.

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