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Posted by Abdullah on 24/09/14

Eco Takeaway Containers & Street Food Packaging

Street food packaging

Alongside the growing popularity of street food markets and food festivals, we’ve seen a rise in the number of street food traders choosing to buy their packaging from us!

And for all sorts of yummy street food – everything from pulled pork sarnies and jerk chicken wraps, to veggie curries and Mexican burritos.

So why are street food traders using our packaging?

First up – because it’s made from sustainable materials!

Standard hot food packaging, such as polystyrene and plastic takeaway containers, are made from oil – a finite resource.

Instead of plastic, we use bio-plastic, made from corn. Image source: http://bit.ly/YUEMHU

But our eco takeaway containers and street food packaging are plastic and oil-free! They’re made from plants – an eco-friendly, sustainable resource.

The materials we use:

Bio-plastic – made from corn
Bagasse – made from sugar cane
Sustainable paper and wood




The plastics used in regular takeaway containers are hard to recycle. And the packaging is often covered in food. So all too often, it ends up in landfill.

But many of our eco takeaway containers are compostable – they fully biodegrade within 12 weeks in a commercial composting plant. Meaning street food packaging can still be recycled into something useful – compost!

What packaging is popular with street food traders?

Here are some of the most popular street food items…

Compostable Bagasse Containers

Compostable Bagasse Containers:

Item code Description Size
G06612(I01400) Square 450ml
G07027(I01403) Square 1000ml
G06613(I01401) Rectangular 600ml*
G06614(I01402) Rectangular 800ml
G06615(I01405) Rectangular 1000ml
G06506(I01406) Rectangular 1000ml*
G06616(I01407) Rectangular 1200ml
G07028(I01404) 2 Compartments 1000ml

Our white bagasse is made from sugar cane. And because it’s plant-based unlike polystyrene, bagasse is breathable – meaning no more soggy food!

Compostable & Recyclable Food Boxes

Compostable & Recyclable Food Boxes

Available in both brown and white!

Item code Description Size
G07045(I00159) Brown 755ml
G07046(I00162) Brown 1450ml
G07047(I00163) Brown 1965ml
G06539(I00165) Brown 2800ml
G06664(I00167) Brown 1324ml
G07048(I00531) Brown 1280ml
G07041(I00160) White 755ml
G06656(I00161) White 1450ml
G07042(I00164) White 1965ml
G07043(I00166) White 2800ml
G07044(I00168) White 1324ml

You can add your own design to these boxes – simply contact us about bespoke printing! Subject to a minimum order of 25,000 boxes

Compostable & Recyclable Paper Trays

Compostable & Recyclable Paper Trays


Item code Description Size
G07058(I01193) Standard 119x244x45mm
G07051(I00215) Slimline 248x60x35mm

Compostable White Bagasse Pots

Compostable White Bagasse Pots

Item code Size
G07035(I01419) 500ml
G07033(I01420) 425ml

Matching lids also available: I01421 & I01422.

Compostable Grease Resistant Bags

Compostable Grease Resistant Bags

Item code Description Size
G07001(I01234) Glassine Bag 150x215x280mm
G06959(I00703) Silicon Parchment Sheet 580x380mm

Noodle Box

Noodle box


Item code Description Size
G07024(I01295) Noodle Box 500ml

Can’t find the street food packaging you’re looking for? There’s lots more on our online shop.

Some of our eco takeaway containers in use:

Ordering street food packaging collection:

There are 3 easy ways to order:

Online: Simply click on the item codes above. Alternatively browse our store here.
Email: orders@londonbiopackaging.com
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7471 3700

Free samples: For free samples of our street food packaging, simply call or drop us an email with the item codes you’re interested in and the postal address you’d like your samples delivered to!

Free delivery:
√  Free delivery on orders over £100 (in England, Wales & Scotland)

√  Next working day delivery on orders place before 1pm, Monday to Thursday (Applies to England, Wales & Scotland)

Full delivery info here.

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