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Posted by Madeline on 13/03/14

Food & Drink Expo 2014

In less than two weeks we’re exhibiting at the Food and Drink Expo at the NEC inExhibition-stand Birmingham.

This year the trade event also features Farm and Deli Shop and claims to be the largest event of its kind, with over 20,000 visors expected. It caters for all sectors of the food and drink market; from grocery and foodservice to wholesale, speciality retail and manufacturing.

Stand E258

If you fancy popping down, you can still register online and it’s free! The event starts at 10am on Monday 24th March and ends at 4pm on the Wednesday. Info on getting there here.

We’ll be at stand E258 so come say hello!

The Big Reveal

We think Food and Drink Expo is the perfect place to launch our new packaging brands, Sustain and Revive.

If you’re an avid follower of our blog, firstly thanks, and secondly, hopefully you’ve seen snippets about the brands already! We let the cat out the bag three weeks ago and then divulged a bit more last Thursday.

Sustain and Revive are brands of disposable food and drinks packaging that have been developed with the planet in mind. And crucially, the whole lifecycle of the packaging has been looked at – from the materials used for manufacture, right through to disposal.

Sustain and Revive have both a sustainable start, and end, to life.


Sustain is made from plants that re-grow, great renewable resources, and is 100% compostable (meaning it can biodegrade in 12 weeks) so will return to compost – helping grow more plants to make even more packaging.

Plants -> Sustain -> Compost (growing more plants)


Revive-Food-PackagingRevive is made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable after use. So, for example, your old Coke bottles are used to make Revive cups, which are recycled to make even more packaging.

Packaging -> Revive -> Packaging


Sustain and Revive are all about helping food and catering businesses close the loop on their waste and tread more lightly on the plant!

We’ll have lots of Sustain and Revive packaging at the Food and Drink Expo so come and take a look…

Sustain-Takeaway-containerCome and see the Sustain takeaway containers made from sugar cane – magic, not only because they can be composted with your food waste, but because they’re breathable – no more polystyrene containers and soggy chips!

Sustain-coffee-cupCheck out the Sustain cups made corn! Both the Sustain coffee cups are lined with, and the Sustain cold drinks cups are made from, a material called PLA – a bio-plastic. Unlike normal plastics made from oil, bio-plastics are made from plants and are compostable.

Revive-Salad-containerAnd review the Revive salad bowls! UK manufactured and with 50% recycled content.


We hope to see you at the expo – remember, stand E258!

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