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Posted by Gaby on 20/10/15

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4 top tips in reducing food waste in the restaurant and catering industry [Infographic]

What if we told you, you were literally throwing away money? Food waste is an on going issue that can be costing your business more than you think.

Not only is wasting food bad for the environment, it’s also costly. Wrap recommend applying a cost to food waste to demonstrate the true value of what is wasted and the potential savings that can be made. By taking a few simple steps to waste less and recycle more, businesses can reap financial as well as environmental benefits.

Here are some statistics on food wastage and top tips on ways to stop it!

INFOGRAPHIC: 4 top tips in reducing food waste in the restaurant and catering industry

Packaging also has a big impact on wastage, sustain web claims that reducing the amount of packaging used can save you money in wastage, as well as closing the loop by buying recycled items.

Close the Loop – buy recycled

Try and close the recycling loop and buy products with a recycled content e.g. hand towels, menus printed on 100%

recycled paper, food grade recycled plastic containers. This will help drive demand for the products, increase their

value and stabilise markets.

Please feel free to share this infographic and raise awareness of food waste.

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Featured image used from: www.compost-matters.com

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