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Posted by Gaby on 16/10/15

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The impact of waste on marine life [Infographic]

We need to change the way we manage our waste, not only for us but for marine life as well.

Infographic on the impact of waste on marine life


INFOGRAPHIC: The impact of waste on marine life

And it doesn’t stop there, the infographic shows the effects of waste pollution but marine life is also impacted by other forms of pollution;

Love to know have identified the effect on ocean pollution, specifically within oil spills.

Although the big oil spills from offshore drilling get a lot of attention, there are millions of gallons of oil dumped into the world’s oceans every year from other sources.

  • Runoff
  • Air pollution
  • Illegal dumping
  • Routine maintenance of large ships


Oil is dangerous to marine life in several ways. If Marine animals get oil on their fur or feathers, then they may be unable to fly or move properly, maintain body temperature, or feed. The oil washes up on beaches and contaminates nesting areas as well as feeding grounds.


Please feel free to share this infographic and raise awareness of food waste.

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