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Posted by Jamie on 14/12/12

LBP welcomes new blogger: T.E.D

We are really pleased and excited to be able to introduce you to this amazing new sustainable membership scheme, Think.Eat.Drink (also known as T.E.D).

Here’s T.E.D’s founder Jamie to tell you more…

Hi, I am Jamie Grainger-Smith and I am very proud to have recently launched Think.Eat.Drink (T.E.D), a pioneering Membership Scheme, T.E.D Members, which officially launched on the 18th October 2012.
T.E.D Members is a pioneering Membership Scheme that provides forward-thinking solutions to all businesses working within the hospitality industry that want to be green, responsible and true. The scheme helps businesses become increasingly environmentally aware through advice and support received from T.E.D’s award-winning consultants.  Tailored support allows members to demonstrate and deliver best practices within an industry well known for its high waste levels, unreliable practices and intensive energy consumption.

I have worked in the hospitality industry for many years and the idea for the Membership Scheme came to me following the success of Acorn House Restaurant (the UK’s first eco-friendly award-winning restaurant) and Waterhouse Restaurant, which came runner-up in the Observer Food Monthly Awards in October 2012 for sustainability. The aim of this project is to inspire and shape the future of the whole hospitality industry.

We envisage a future where all operators providing food and drink, including restaurants, cafes, bars, deli’s and hotels, can tap into this unique concept and purchase and work with a network of responsible partners and suppliers, encompassing everything from energy to insurance, banking to packaging and of course – food and drink.

For more information on T.E.D Members and to find out how you can get involved please have a look at our website, www.thinkeatdrink.co.uk. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

So take the test and come and join us!

Kind regards,


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