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Posted by Hasmita on 07/08/14

Joining NCASS, the Nationwide Caterers Association


NCASSWe’re proud to announce that we’re now a member of NCASS, the Nationwide Caterers Association.

And the first food packaging supplier member to boot!


So, you may be wondering…

Who are NCASS?

Helping over 700 start-up catering businesses each year, NCASS is a trade association for caterers and suppliers in the UK and Ireland.

The organisation aims to “provide caterers with information, systems and support whilst helping them be safe, legal and profitable”.


Are you a caterer and keen to join?


Source of Image: http://bit.ly/1qU4V5S

To view NCASS’ membership packages, click on one of the links below, depending on whether you’re a mobile caterer or work from a fixed site:

1. Mobile and function caterers

2. Fixed site caterers

Prices start at £21 a month and vary depending on what package you chose.

The main difference between the packages is the number of places they offer on training courses.

The training courses include: Hygiene (levels 1 to 3), Health & Safety, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher and HACCP.



Plus…50% off Sustainability Training


Sustainability Training

Sustainability Training

As well as free places on the training courses listed above, as a catering member you receive half price places on a Sustainability Training course (normally priced at £95).

The course was developed by NCASS, in association with the Sustainable Restaurant’s Association (SRA) and addresses three concepts of sustainability:

(1) Sourcing food (2) Social responsibility and (3) Environmental practices

The course is all online and takes up to 3 hours. And if you pass the 20 minute online exam, you’ll receive a “stylish A4 colour certificate, laminated for display in the kitchen”. 🙂

After the course, put your learning into practice! 


As well as taking NCASS’ Sustainability course, why not green your catering business by switching to sustainable food packaging?

Regular disposable packaging is often made from plastic. Plastics are made from oil. Plus lots of plastics can’t be recycled.

To ensure your business isn’t using up resources or contributing to landfill, opt for our…

Revive1. Revive™ food packaging. It’s all widely recyclable and even the materials used are recycled. So when you’re offering a salad in Revive™ container, you can tell your customers the container was made by recycling old water bottles.

Alternatively, choose our…


2. Sustain™ food packaging. It’s all compostable and made from plants. For example, instead of oil-based plastic, Sustain™ cups are made of bio-plastic, which is made from corn.



Getting back to NCASS…any more goodies as a member?


You receive…

NCASS Magazine ad

Our ad in the last NCASS Magazine!

√ A subscription to the Catering Quarterly Magazine. Our food packaging featured in the summer edition!

√ Your own profile page on the NCASS website – check out our page here.

NCASS - Profile Page

Our Profile Page on NCASS

√ Exclusive discounts. Our most recent offer (15% off our food packaging) has just ended, but keep your eyes peeled for future offers.

(To see all the member benefits, view the NCASS site!)


And now, for a pic of our NCASS certificate…

NCASS Certification

For more information on NCASS and how to join, visit the NCASS website.



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