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Posted by Madeline on 19/02/14

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New Brands, Coming Soon!

It’s almost (almost!) time to introduce Sustain and Revive! Two new food packaging brands that shout ‘compost’ and ‘recycle me’.

…and because the moment is now so close, we thought we’d tell you their story!New-Brands

It all started many many months ago. Now, we’ve been around a few years – 9 to be precise – so we know how much will is out there, among businesses, to become more environmentally sustainable. After all, you wouldn’t purchase eco-friendly packaging if you didn’t care about the environment.

However we also know it can be difficult to embed sustainability into all processes and all parts of your business. Waste, in particular, can be tricky. For example, if you’re a restaurant, clearing tables after a busy service, the easiest option is to scrape all the leftover food into a bin, and throw the napkins and packaging away with it.

We wanted to do something about this; disposal is a big part of our packaging’s sustainability – ensuring it’s recycled or composted and not sent with general rubbish to landfill.

So, we started thinking about how we could make it easier for businesses. And that’s when we came up with Sustain and Revive; two new brands that really emphasise their environmentally-friendly end-of-life solution – compost or recycle. Say it loud and say it proud we say!

And, of course, like all our previous packaging, it was still paramount that the brands used  sustainable materials and didn’t deplete the world’s resources. What resulted was a strict environmental criteria for each brand:

Sustain-Food-PackagingSustain: All packaging must be both renewable and compostable.

Revive-Food-PackagingRevive:  All packaging must be both recycled and recyclable.

After use, Sustain packaging can go in your food waste bin, ready to be collected for composting. And Revive can go with your paper and plastics for recycling.

The brands aren’t available just yet and we’re all busy behind the scenes getting ready for the big day. But we really hope that after the launch – in the weeks and months following – Sustain and Revive start to help businesses address what, and how much, they’re throwing away – and beyond just packaging waste, to food waste and everything else. If we can get more people recycling and reusing items, that’s more people on the road to  zero waste and a closed loop model. Result!

So. In a nutshell, that’s how the brands came into being. And that’s why we can’t wait to show them off! Not long to go now!!

We’ll be in touch with updates soon. Watch. This. Space. 🙂



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