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Posted by Emma on 15/04/13

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Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls

Palm Leaf tableware range

Want an attractive alternative to your standard plastic and paper plates? Our fully compostable palm leaf tableware range, which includes plates, platters and bowls may be the solution you’re looking for…

What is a palm leaf plate or bowl?

As you can probably guess from the name, our palm leaf plates, bowls and platters are made from palm leaves. Palm leaves from the Areca palm tree in India to be precise! Almost 60 billion palm leaves fall to the ground every year from these trees! Once collected, the leaves are washed in locally sourced spring water and heat-pressed to make food packaging. The heat makes the products ready to eat from – and they keep their toughness until they are ready to go back into the soil when you compost them.

From leaves, to packaging, to compost – it truly is a closed loop!

Our palm leaf range is:

√ 100% Compostable (will break down within 12 weeks in an industrial composting facility)
√ Microwave safe
√ Available as bowls, plates, platters and dip bowls – in a variety of shapes and sizes
√ Suitable for hot, cold and wet food
√ Free from chemicals
√ Each item looks unique (due to a variation in the palm leaves’ size and colour)

Pick from our palm leaf collection…

Palm Leaf Plates

Palm Leaf Plate - Image Credit: Streat Hawker

Our palm leaf plate being used at our friends over at Streat Hawker

Our palm leaf plates collection comes in all different shapes and sizes. Choose from round, square, rectangular and steep sided plates.

Item code Description Size
E03420(I01239) Round 18cm/7.5″
E03421(I01240) Round 20cm/8″
E03384(I01241) Round 22cm/9″
E03399(I01242) Round 24cm/10″
E03422(I01244) Square 17x17cm/7″
E03305(I01246) Square 24x24cm/10″
E03423(I01247) Rectangular 16x24cm/6.5×10″
E03398(I01245) Steep Sides 18x18cm/7.5″
E03424(I01248) Steep Sides 12x17cm/5″x7″
E03348(I01249) Steep Sides 16x25cm/7×10″

Palm Leaf Bowls

Palm Leaf Round Bowl - Image credit: Streat Hawker

Palm Leaf Round Bowl – Image credit: Streat Hawker

Palm leaf bowls are great for soups, stews, cereal and curry. Choose from round, square, elliptical shaped bowls.

Item code Description Size
E03426(I01253) Round 18cm/7″
E03403(I01254) Round 20cm/8″
E03400(I01255) Elliptical 19x13cm/7.5″
E03427(I01257) Square 16x16cm/6.5″

Palm Leaf Platters

Palm Leaf Platters - Image Credit: Urban Grille

Palm Leaf Platters – Image Credit: Urban Grille

Palm leaf platters offer the perfect serving dish for fruit, rice, canapés and many more dishes. Choose from either oval or hexagon shaped platters.

Item code Description Size
E03429(I01261) Oval Medium 36x25cm/14″
E03430(I01262) Oval Large 43x29cm/17″
E03425(I01252) Hexagon Large 43x29cm/17″

Palm Leaf Dip Bowl

Palm Leaf Dip Bowl - Image Credit: Urban Grille

Palm Leaf Dip Bowl – Image Credit: Urban Grille

Palm leaf dip bowls are great for serving dips and hors d’oeuvres. Choose from round, square and rectangular.

Item code Description Size
E03431(I01263) Square 7x7cm/3″
E03432(I01264) Rectangular 7x12cm/3″x5″
E03401(I01265) Round 12cm/5″

Already imagining how you’ll use your palm leaf plates and bowls?

Palm leaf tableware is perfect for picnics, barbecues and parties…

Images from TheWholeLeafCo.com


Are you thinking what we’re thinking…that those burgers above look pretty darn tasty? Palm leaf tableware really shows food off at its best.

So forget those paper plates and plastic bowls – make your food stand out and switch to palm leaf tableware for your next catering event!

Palm Leaf Tableware including Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls

There are 3 easy ways to order from our palm leaf collection:

Online: Simply click on the item codes above. Alternatively browse our store here.
Email: orders@londonbiopackaging.com
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7471 3700

Free samples: For free samples of the palm leaf range, simply call or drop us an email with the item codes you’re interested in and the postal address you’d like your samples delivered to!

Free delivery:
√  Free delivery on orders over £100 (in England, Wales & Scotland)
√  Next working day delivery on orders place before 1pm, Monday to Thursday (Applies to England, Wales & Scotland)

Full delivery info here.

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