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Posted by Madeline on 13/06/14

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Talking Recycling On The BBC

If you happened to be watching BBC Breakfast on Wednesday morning, you may spotted our very own Marcus Hill.London Bio Packaging on BBC Breakfast

BBC reporter Tim Muffet asked Marcus why it is that some plastics are not recycled by councils and how we at London Bio Packaging make sure all our plastics are recyclable (or compostable!)

Our recyclable cups, bottles, salad containers etc are recyclable because of the material we use: rPET (or recycled polyethylene terephthalate to give it it’s full name).

rPET is not only recyclable, it’s also been recycled already – it’s a plastic made from post-consumer waste, such as your old water bottles.

Marcus’ cameo came about because the BBC’s recycling piece the week prior had such a strong response.

BBC Breakfast started off by highlighting the growing issue of contamination in household recycling – that whilst we’re all recycling more, the amount of contamination (non-recyclable items in our recycling bins) has gone up even more.

Recycling Contamination

Recycling at Southwark Council

This prompted a big response from viewers, who got in touch to say that it’s not always easy, knowing what you can and can’t recycle. (Click here for a quick guide to household recycling).

BBC Recycling Coverage Gets a Big Response

Mid-week, government minister Brandon Lewis was on the show and got himself in a bit of a tight spot when quizzed if he could recycle yoghurt pots at home. After saying yes he could, he had to later admit that he had got it wrong.

Minister Brandon Lewis on Recycling

To find out if you can recycle yoghurt pots in your area, try the postcode tool on recyclenow! Alternatively, check with your local council.

Besides yoghurt pots, other packaging to look out for includes margarine tubs and juice cartons. For a full list of what is (and what isn’t) widely recyclable, check out our blog.

The BBC’s reports over the last fortnight are great for raising awareness of contamination in household recycling. A big thank you to the BBC Breakfast team for inviting us to take part! 






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