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Posted by Madeline on 15/10/13

“We Are Tea”, composting your cuppa

You might remember that last month we asked you guys to get in touch and share your experiences of working in a sustainable business.

Well We Are Tea did just that! A big thank you to everyone there for giving us an insight into their independent, ethical and sustainable tea company.



Daren Spence, founder of ‘We are Tea’

We Are Tea

We Are Tea is a British born company that describes themselves as “attempting to do things a little differently”. To date, their teas have been awarded a total of 41 Great Taste Awards.

We Are Tea’s philosophy centers around ethically sourcing top quality whole-leaf teas, direct from artisan producers. And all their teas are hand packed in the UK.

They are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which aims to improve the sustainability of tea production, the lives of tea workers, and the environment in which tea is produced.

Founded in 1997, the Partnership created the ETP Global Standard, an international standard for tea producers. To be certified, producers must meet various social and environmental provisions – such as freely chosen employment, a set minimum wage, the adoption of an environmental management system, minimal use of agrochemicals etc.


We Are Tea’s compostable cups & Simplicitea infusion system

As well as supporting the Ethical Tea Partnership, We Are Tea are big advocates of sustainable tea drinking! Their Simplicitea infusion system allows loose tea to be brewed several times; making it both ecological and economical. And by using refill packets, the infuser helps to reduce packaging.

And for those of us still partial to the tea bag, We Are Tea offers biodegradable cornstarch teabags. These are completely biodegradable and safe to throw on the compost – or in your food waste bin ready for kerbside collection!

Plus of course their cups are 100% compostable – sourced straight from us at London Bio Packaging. 🙂


Compost tea bags

According to the UK Tea Council, us Brits drink 65 million cups of tea a day. As a result, each year, we dispose of 370,000 wet tonnes of tea bags and leaves.

The government’s waste body, WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme), and the Organics Recycling Group (ORG) both support the disposal of used tea bags in food waste bins or through home composting.

When used tea bags go with general waste to landfill sites, air can’t get to them. As a result, when they break down they release methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. However, in a composting facility, oxygen helps the tea bags to decompose aerobically, which means hardly any methane is produced.

So next time you’re making a brew, think about where your tea bag or tea leaves will end up. Think cuppa, think compost.


P.S. If, like We Are Tea, you have a sustainable business story to share, please get in touch!



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