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Posted by Madeline on 13/06/14

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What Food Packaging Can I recycle At Home?

You won’t find a great many blog posts in our archive about household recycling because our eco-friendly food and drinks packaging is really for food businesses (think catering firms and restaurants, bakeries and delis!).


To help these businesses when it comes to disposing of our packaging after use, we’ve tried to make our two brands as clear as possible:

Sustain™ packaging is compostable. It can go in your food waste bin, ready to be collected for composting.
Revive-Food-PackagingRevive™ is recyclable. It can go with your paper and plastic for recycling.

However, following BBC Breakfast’s focus just last week on household recycling, today we want to talk recycling at home!

BBC breakfast

Image courtesy of BBC Breakfast | bbc.co.uk

Recycling At Home

The BBC highlighted just how many of us are unsure what can and can’t be recycled at home.

And it seems that plastic packaging is the most troublesome, complicated by the fact that not all councils are the same – for example, whether you can recycle a yoghurt pot at home, depends on where you live.

To that end, below is a quick guide to household recycling for food and drinks packaging – what is widely recyclable and what isn’t.

(i) For everything that isn’t widely recyclable, either check with your local council or try recyclenow’s cool postcode tool.

(i) Remember: wash packaging before recycling if there’s any food or drink on it.

Your Guide to Household Recycling:


Widely Recyclable

* Food and drink cans e.g. aluminium tins, fizzy drinks cans

* Plastic bottles e.g. milk bottles

* Cardboard tubes and boxes e.g. cardboard fruit punnets, egg boxes

* Glass bottles and jars


Not Widely Recyclable – Check With Your Local Council

* Plastic pots, tubs and trays e.g. margarine tubs, yoghurt pots

* Cartons e.g. milk cartons, juice cartons

* Foil and foil items e.g. trays, aluminium milk bottle tops


Not Widely Recycled – Home Recycling Unlikely

* Plastic films and carrier bags – some types (carrier bags, bread bags, cereal packets) can be recycled at large supermarkets. See recyclenow for more info.

* Polystyrene trays


On Pack Recycling Labels

Courtesy of recyclenow | recyclenow.com

(i) If you’re ever not sure, check the packaging for any on-pack labelling. Again recyclenow is a great source of info on the different kinds of labels!






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