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//Sustain™ Biodegradable Coffee Cups

Sustain™ Biodegradable Coffee Cups

In the UK we drink approximately 70 million cups of coffee and 165 million cups of tea every day! And a fair chunk of these are bought in coffee shops and cafes, to enjoy on-the-go.

But have you ever thought what happens to all the paper cups afterwards?

Sadly, all too often, they end up in landfill sites.

Despite largely being made of paper, takeaway coffee cups are lined with plastic. This plastic is pretty stuck on and tricky to separate from the paper. And as a result, the cups are hard to recycle.

Our Sustain™ compostable and biodegradable coffee cups present a solution to this recycling dilemma… they biodegrade into compost!

Our Quick Cup Facts:

√ 100% compostable and biodegradable

√ Made from plants – including the lining!

√ Choose from white or brown kraft for an eco look – or opt for your own bespoke design!

√ Available in a variety of sizes, from 4oz espresso cups to large 16oz cups

√ Matching biodegradable lids available!

Pick your biodegradable coffee cups…

Single walled cups vs. double wall cups: Single wall cups have one layer of paper. Double wall cups have two layers – offering extra insulation when you’re holding a cup filled with a hot drink!

Sustain™ Branded Compostable Hot Cups

Item code Description Size
B05175(I01345) Single Wall 8oz/360ml
B05176(I01346) Single Wall 12oz/360ml
B05177(I01347) Single Wall 16oz/500ml
B05178(I01351) Double Wall 8oz/240ml
B05179(I01352) Double Wall 12oz/360ml
B05180(I01353) Double Wall 16oz/500ml

Top Tip: Use a cup sleeve with our single walled cups.

Sustain™ Plain White Compostable Hot Cups

Item code Description Size
B05196(I01493) Single Wall 4oz/120ml
B05198(I01494) Single Wall 8oz/240ml
B05200(I01496) Single Wall 12oz/360ml
B05202(i01498) Single Wall 16oz/500ml
B05208(I01500) Double Wall 8oz/240ml
B05210(I01502) Double Wall 12oz/360ml
B05212(I01504) Double Wall 16oz/500ml

Top Tip: Customise with your own print (Minimum order quantity 30,000)

Sustain™ Plain Kraft Compostable Hot Cups

Item code Description Size
B05199(I01495) Single Wall 8oz/240ml
B05201(I01497) Single Wall 12oz/360ml
B05203(I01499) Single Wall 16oz/500ml
B05209(I01501) Double Wall 8oz/240ml
B05211(I01503) Double Wall 12oz/360ml
B05213(I01505) Double Wall 16oz/500ml

Sustain™ Compostable Hot Cup Lids

Like the lining of our biodegradable cups, these lids are made from bio-plastic – so they’re fully compostable and biodegradable. Regular cup lids are made from hard polystyrene (PS). PS is a type of oil-based plastic and isn’t widely recyclable.

Item code Size
B05063(I00617) 8oz/240ml
B03633(I00073) 10-16oz/300-500ml

Hot Cup Accessories

Sustain™ Wooden Stirrer

Item code Description Size
E03438(I01271) Wooden Stirrers 140×5.5×1.3mm
E03440(I01273) Wooden Stirrers 175×5.5×1.25mm
E03389(I01565) Compostable Teaspoon 140×5.5×1.3mm

Coffee Cup Sleeve

Item code Size
B05328(I00050) 8-10oz
B05329(I00043) 12-16oz

Top Tip: Why not add a cup sleeve or carry tray to make your hot drinks easier to carry?

Recycled Napkins

Item code Description Size
D08241(I00100) Recycled Napkin 1 Ply-Brown 320x300mm
D10415(I00548) Recycled Napkin 2 Ply-Brown 330x300mm
D10413(I00397) Recycled Napkin 1 Ply-White 300x300mm
D10414(I00398) Recycled Napkin 2 Ply-White 330x300mm

**Top Tip: Take a look at the rest of our Napkin Range

Sugar Sachets and Sticks

Item code Description Size
A07760(I00013) White Sugar Sachet 3g/45x55mm
A07761(I00014) Brown Sugar Sachet 3g/45x55mm
A07758(I00356) White Sugar Stick 2.5g/17×81.67mm
A07759(I00357) Brown Sugar Stick 2.5g/17×81.67mm

Cup Carry Tray

Item code Size
B05127(I01188) 2 Cup
B05128(I01189) 4 Cup

Tin Tie Bags

Our multi-purpose Tin-Tie bags have become a popular choice amongst coffee vendors. These resealable bags will allow your customers to take away coffee beans or tea bags of their choice.

Item code Description Size
G06994(I00030) Brown Tin-Tie Window Bags 265x92x47mm
G06991(I00195) White Tin Tie Window Bags 265x92x47mm

Top Tip: View our full range of tin-tie bags

What biodegradable coffee cups tell your customers…

Offering biodegradable cups says that your business wants to:

√ Protect the planet’s resources

Your biodegradable coffee cups are made of renewable resources – plants that re-grow! Even the inner lining is made of bio-plastic, a plastic that’s made from corn.

Regular paper cups are different – they’re lined with oil-based plastic. Oil is finite and reserves are running low.

√ Curb waste

Many regular paper cups end their days in landfill. They’re rarely recycled because their plastic lining is so stuck to the paper.

However your biodegradable coffee cups can be turned into compost! It will take just 12 weeks for your cups to break down into compost in an industrial composting facility.

√ Help tackle climate change

Your biodegradable coffee cups have a low carbon footprint. They’re made from carbon-absorbing plants.

And because the cups are compostable, they’re ideal if your food waste is collected separately. Your cups and food waste can be composted together – diverting your food waste from landfill. In landfill, food waste emits methane, a nasty greenhouse gas.

What does this all mean?

In one easy switch, from regular to biodegradable coffee cups, your business can reduce its environmental impact and also send out a positive brand message – helping you stand out from competitors.

Switch to Sustain™ compostable, biodegradable cups today!

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