Did you know…?

– Regular plastic cups use a plastic that’s made from oil. And it’s no secret that oil is non-renewable – experts predict we’ll run out by 2050.

– Regular plastic cups also hang around – they can stay in landfill sites for centuries. And if the plastic particles left behind are washed into rivers and oceans, they can harm fish and marine animals.

Want a greener option for your business?

Our eco-friendly plastic cups could be just the solution you’re looking for!

√ Competitive on price.

√ Available in a variety of sizes, with a range of flat and domed lids.

√ Helping your business become more sustainable – doing your bit for the planet and meeting your customers’ expectations.

√ Cups to suit you – recyclable cups if you recycle your plastics; compostable cups if your food waste is composted.

√ Perfect for all cold drinks and foods – from smoothies, milkshakes and fresh juices, to yoghurt, mousses and cheesecakes!

Yoghurt and GranolaSmoothies & JuicesChocolate Sundae

A choice of eco-friendly plastic cups and lids:

Choose from (i) biodegradable, compostable cups made from plants OR (ii) recyclable cups made from recycled plastic…

Compostable Cups…

Part of our Sustain™ brand. More info below.

Item codeDiameterSize

Domed Lids

Item codeDescriptionDiameter
B05315(I00686)Straw Cross76mm
B05235(I01337B)No Hole96mm

Flat Lids

Item codeDescriptionDiameter
B05022(I00462)No Hole76mm
B05070(I00441)Straw Cross76mm

**See also our range of compostable straws!
Available in clear, green and black.



Discover more about the cups and why they’re so eco-friendly…

*Instead of regular oil-based plastic, Sustain cups use bio-plastic.

*Bio-plastic is made from plants. And plants are renewable – they re-grow!

*Unlike regular cups, Sustain™ bio-plastic cups are 100% compostable. Meaning they fully biodegrade into compost in industrial composting facility – helping re-grow more plants.

* Because the cups are compostable, they’re ideal if your food waste is collected separately for recycling. Your cups and food waste can go together to an In-Vessel Composting (making compost) or Anaerobic Digestion facility (making bio-fertiliser and electricity or transport fuel).

* Sustain™ cups help you go zero waste (send nothing to landfill) and move your business towards a closed loopmodel – keeping resources moving in a loop:

Plants -> Sustain™ Cups -> Compost (helping grow more plants, to make more packaging!

Order your eco cups today:

3 easy ways to order:

Online (or click on the cups above) | Via email | Call +44 (0) 20 7471 3700

Free Delivery:

* Free delivery on orders over £85 (in England, Wales & Scotland).
* Next working day delivery on orders placed before 12 noon, Monday to Thursday (in England, Wales & Scotland).
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Free Samples:

For free samples of the cups and lids, simply call or drop us an email with the item codes you’re interested in and the postal address you’d like your samples delivered to!

What are you waiting for?

Switching to eco-friendly plastic cups not only helps your business reduce its impact on the planet. It also sends out a positive message about your brand and tells your customers that:

√ You advocate conservation not consumption and avoid depleting the planet’s resources: Sustain™ cups are made from plants that re-grow.

√ You care about climate change and are working to lower your carbon footprint: Sustain™ cups use carbon-absorbing plants.

√ You believe we should recover the valuable materials in waste and are taking steps to recycle more: Sustain™ cups can be turned into compost!

Plus, think of all the ways you can use your eco-friendly cups…

Here are just a few of the possible uses… Why not tweet us a picture @LondonBio, showing how you use your cups!

Yoghurt and GranolaSmoothies & JuicesChocolate Sundae