The Guaraná Company was set up in 1989 originally to supply a diverse range of premium guaraná based products from Brazil, including fair trade and organic superfoods, supplements and health products – organically sourced where possible! It has since expanded to offer an exciting range of products to support a busy lifestyle and enhance our quality of life, health and well-being.

Located in the heart of Brighton in the North Lanes area, The Guaraná Company strives to promote an ethical standard in every aspect of their business. We have been supplying them with our eco -friendly packaging for their delicious, fresh produce smoothies since 2008 and have continued to be impressed by the work John and Manda do to promote sustainability in their business! We also supply many of our compostable items for coffee and tea takeaway. Their passion for the environment is an inspiration and we’re glad to know that our products are being cared for in the right way!