This case study on food packaging aims to highlight the importance of food packaging to the restaurant and café industry.

Background of Wild Food Café

Wild Food Café is a raw-centric, vegan/vegetarian eatery that thrives on ensuring fresh and healthy food, aliveliness and an eco-friendly world. Perry (Manager at Wild Food Café) started his journey as a Vegan after reading into Vegetarianism; Perry bravely packed up his life and went to America, joining a retreat center called the ‘tree of life’, a rejuvenating place where Perry was living a vegan lifestyle, which he committed to for 3 months.

Returning to the UK, Perry became more aware and conscious of his footsteps, especially with packaging and plastics, further explaining that ‘the more environmentally aware people become, a ripple effect is created, where more people use eco-friendly products, packaging and reducing their carbon footprints’.

Their Ethos

There’s more than what meets the eye with Wild Food Café, the ethos of being environmentally friendly is the heart and soul of the company, from the employees all the way through to the packaging. Wild Food Café have engrained an eco-friendly system into their own business, Joel (the owner of the company) had a vision to create a little oasis.

People at Wild Food Café all share the same vision, having paradise and heaven on Earth, one of the ways in which they believe to succeed this is striving to be 100% organic. Wild Food Café identified that taking on a personal responsibility for a better future is  important and one way of succeeding this is by using our eco-friendly sustainable packaging.

Where we come in

Our role is to help Wild Food Café with their vision. We supply Wild Food Café with our packaging, as they aim to surround themselves with companies that share the same ethos.

Sustainable and recyclable packaging has become an important factor to consumers, which Wild Food Café identified, and our plant starch packaging was proven to be a winner with Perry and the team as the most favorable type of cutlery.

Many consumers are now becoming environmentally friendly, and Wild Food Café are consistent with their beliefs and values by using our environmentally friendly packaging, that has proven to be important to both them and their consumers.