Over the past few weeks we’ve been creating some eye catching eco graphics, speaking to a vegan and promoting upcycling ideas!

1. New Ecographics Library

We’ve started to create a lovely ecographics library for everyone to share, topics range from 5p plastic bag charges to food waste with plenty more planned ahead.

Let us know your favourite fact @londonbio

2. New Sale!

Our Autumn hot food sale kicked off with plenty of items selling out within the first few days! The cold food sale followed shortly after, with our bakery range being popular amongst many bake off fans!

It was also great to hear feedback from some of our great existing eco warriors, as well as welcoming new faces!

3. Creative Upcycling Ideas

At London Bio Packaging we love creative ideas – especially if they’re eco friendly! We came across recyclart and spent an afternoon choosing our favourite upcycled projects. Recyclart has some amazing projects that anyone can participate in.

We’d love to hear your ideas and tips about upcycling @londonbio

4. Can Veganism Contribute to a Sustainable Future?

We sat down with Damien Clarkson (co-founder of Vegan Futures) and talked about veganism. He filled us in on the benefits and challenges involved and why he wanted to use London Bio Packaging’s products for the Vegan Futures event.

That’s it for now..
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From All The Team At LBP