December 2015

Ripple Cups

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Ripple cups offer a triple layer – making it ideal for insulation and eliminating the need for a hot cup sleeve. With sizes ranging from 4oz-16oz, there’s a cup size for all types of hot drinks! Available in Kraft and Black colours the ripple design hot cups can be purchased with matching coloured lids. Pick [...]

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7 food trends to look out for in 2016

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We saw the food on our plate slowly change in 2015, which has now moulded the possible food trends for 2016. 1. Keeping it Local Tipped to be one of the biggest food trends in 2016 – Consumers are becoming ever more intrigued about where their food comes from, so much so that we are [...]

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COP21 – In Numbers

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The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was opened for signature on the 9th May 1992 and has 194 parties. The Green Market Oracle created a short history of the UNFCC meetings. The parties to the convention have met annually since 1995 in the Conference of Parties (COP) in the hope to establish the progress with climate change, as well [...]

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Pop-ups, orange peel and African food

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We spoke to the Groundnut team about African cuisine, how the pop-up model limits food waste and a circular economy story about orange peel. What is The Groundnut and why did you start it? The Groundnut is a project run by the three of us, Folayemi Brown, Duval Timothy and Jacob Fodio Todd. We host [...]

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