There can only be one winner…

Coffee and tea are two hot drinks enjoyed all year around, however when it boils down to one or the other, it is very hard for people to come up with a conclusive decision. As a nation of tea drinkers, it is only right to assume that tea beats all, yet as time goes on so does our taste. With the current coffee culture taking the high street by storm who knows what the outcome will be in a year’s time!

Facts about Coffee and Tea

This ongoing battle still has an inconclusive ending, and there are now many alternatives to add to the constant battle of making either a tea or coffee, such as green tea, ice tea, herbal tea or lattes, mochas, cappuccinos etc.
However due to many spending the morning dilemma of whether to order a tea or coffee, one hot drink has been created that could end this challenge altogether. The creation of a coffee/tea hybrid is now available. Combining the best of both drinks and at the same time being good for the environment, this hot drink could settle the argument.

In addition to this, due to global warming and climate change, there’s also a shortage of coffee, due to severe on going drought in Brazil, one of the biggest coffee bean suppliers, a shortfall of coffee can be seen worldwide.

It was found that Britain’s coffee lovers discard 2.5 billion cups a year, but they do not know whether they are recyclable or not. Here’s where we come in, selling recyclable and sustainable cups, we aim to reduce hot cups getting to landfill and ensuring a sustainable future.

There’s so many more factors that can influence the decision of the best hot drink, let’s just put the kettle on and make a tea… or coffee… or tea…. or coffee…