5 Ways to Have a More Sustainable Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Have a Sustainable Valentine’s Day

  1. Throw your sweets wrappers in the bin.

Sweets. There’s nothing more adorable than giving your sweetheart some sweets for Valentine’s Day. But you can’t get the sweet without the wrapper. Too often, people forget to care for the wrapper and it either flies off to become litter or travels to an ocean near you. Unfortunately, most sweets wrappers aren’t widely recyclable. The filmy and flimsy nature makes them quite difficult to recycle. So, if you’re going to eat sweets, just make sure you hold on to the wrapper until you can dispose of it right down inside the bin. Don’t just lay it on top, make sure it’s deep enough so that it won’t fly out.


2. Plant flowers instead of picking them.

flowerGiving flowers is a lovely Valentine’s Day tradition. The challenge is that they only last a week and often are imported and not locally grown. Seems like a bit of a waste! Why not try something a bit different this year. How about making a romantic date of popping to your local garden centre, and picking out your own seeds and going home to plant them. Whether you want to be ambitious and grow some baby roses in your flat, or to start your own wildflower patch in your home garden, you’ll be adding more life to the planet. And better yet, your own flowers will last much longer – a gift that keeps on giving!


3. Share the Love on Recycled Paper

london bio packagingAre you a believer in the art of a handwritten card? We’re with you – old school romance is always the best kind. Instead of going out and buying a card, why not recycle some paper and make your own? Go to your office’s paper waste bin and see if you can get a nice scrap to repurpose. Or go to your local craft store and ask for some recycled paper to work from. This way, you can breathe new life into what could have been waste.


4. Romantic dinner? Use what you’ve got!

london bio packagingWhat’s more romantic than cooking a meal together at home? This year, why not add a bit of adventure to the meal. Look in your pantry and the refrigerator and challenge yourself to invent something delicious from what you’ve already got. Only have breadcrumbs and cheese? Make fried cheese! Butter, pasta, and a collection of herbs? Create a new type of buttered pasta (simple, yet elegant?).  Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it. This way, your romantic dinner can be a bit more interesting and all the while you’ll be combating food waste!


5. Re-consider the Balloons.

london bio packagingGiven the environment’s precarious state, we must all think through our choices a bit more. Do we need the balloon to make the moment special? Is there another way to communicate your same intention? We know. The big, red heart balloon is a classic. It’s hard to give up. But what about a painting? Or a homemade sign? Or just a big hug?



Choose even one of the above and you’re already doing so much better for the planet this year!

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