As the UK hospitality industry emerges from the coronavirus lockdown, the thousands of re-opening restaurants, cafes, bars, and other operators across the country have focused heavily on ensuring their businesses are Covid safe. To be Covid safe, operators have adopted measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus. From introducing social distancing measures, to one-way systems, increased cleaning routines and the use of PPE – the UK service industry is seeing a reinvention of hospitality.

These measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus, may cause businesses to be concerned with how the customer experience can remain enjoyable. London Bio Packaging’s PortaBrands are an excellent solution where bar service is restricted and table service and takeaway the new normal. This innovative range consists of various flat-pack, pop-up carriers which can revolutionise the way multiple drinks are served. With PortaTray, PortaDrink, PortaClik, PortaChilla, and PortaBottle, the options for re-invented drink service are endless.

Designed to transport multiple beverages safely, from hot drinks to bottles of wine or juice, beers, and other soft drinks – PortaBrands can be utilised by all sectors of the hospitality industry. Taking up less space than traditional carriers, this unique and ingenious solution promotes a fast and minimal contact service. As always with LBP, PortaBrands are also a sustainable product from source through to disposal. Manufactured locally in the UK from FSC certified kraft paper – they are 100% plastic-free and widely recyclable.

PortaBrands carriers are also brandable on all sides, allowing for an eye-catching product that is guaranteed to turn heads. The choices for bespoke printing are infinite, with businesses able to be promoted through logo’s, brand colours and additional messages. Relevant with the times – social distancing guidelines, instructions on how to use drinks ordering apps, or on how to recycle the product can too be printed on PortaBrands.

PortaBrands allows for drinks to be served quickly and safely, with minimised wait times and disruption. Speed of service is essential in environments where social distancing guidelines must be adhered to. This innovative, brandable and sustainable product will be sure to re-invent any businesses drink and table service for the better.

PortaBrands will be available to order in August, so be on the lookout for these on our website!