As we emerge into 2021, London Bio Packaging have put together the most popular Food Packaging Trends that we can look forward to and that will also help companies stay on top of consumer demand and needs.


A packaging trend that is globally talked about, many companies are making the change to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging due to the high demand by consumers. According to research by Trivium Packaging, nearly three-quarters (74%) of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. It is found that most consumers identify themselves as ‘environmentally aware’, with more than two out of three consumers citing ‘environmentally friendly, ‘recyclable packaging’ as important.

London Bio Packaging are just one of the numerous companies that strive on being sustainable and offering only eco-friendly food packaging. Our main ranges are ‘Revive Recycled’ and ‘Sustain Compostable’, within these ranges are food packaging varying from Hot Food Takeaway to Cold Food Grab ‘n’ Go.

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Clear Labelling

“38% of consumers were willing to purchase a newly launched product with clear product information” according to research by Bizongo.


Consumers are more aware of what they are eating, because of this companies are starting to provide clearer labelling and transparent packaging. In October 2021, a stricter legislation on labelling will be coming into place, ‘Natasha’s Law’ is a new legislation which will mandate full ingredient and allergen labelling on foods which are pre-packed for direct sale. The law applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland only.

Consumer trust will be very important going into 2021, to build and maintain that a lot of companies will be open to changing their ways to suit consumer needs.

Refillable Packaging

In 2020 we have been able to witness the trial run of Asda’s Sustainability store, this was a new plastics reduction strategy with a promise that customers will not pay more for greener options. This store is there to help consumers reduce, reuse, and recycle and cut down on single-use plastic by offering products such as Cereals, Teabags and Coffee.

Asda have announced they are hoping to roll out this idea in many of their other stores within 2021, we are sure to see the other big UK supermarkets follow in Asda’s sustainable footsteps throughout next year.

Interactive Packaging

Companies want to engage more with their consumers and to do this we think an ‘interactive packaging’ solution is the answer. It offers different opportunities to pull the consumer into a more effective relationship with the product and the company who is selling it.

Asda’s sandwich packaging uses interactive and purposeful elements, their packaging allows the consumer to open it up to use a plate which provides a clean surface to eat the sandwich on if you are on the move. Companies are going to need to become more imaginative with the food packaging they produce to keep up with consumer demands in 2021.

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