Presenting our latest anti-leak & compostable food delivery packaging

As fast-casual dining continues to grow in popularity, the necessity to improve consumer education about waste, packaging recycling and compostability has increased. Responding to this trend, London Bio packaging have added a new range of compostable packaging.

Compostable plant-fiber based packaging is a great environmentally conscious alternative to plastic. These sturdy, anti-leak products are microwave and freezer safe, scratch and puncture resistant and interlock and stack for easy storage and travel. Perfect for food delivery, take-outs, picnics, meals, and all your on-the-go food packaging needs.

• Made from plants! A polystyrene alternative, bagasse is fibrous material made from a waste product of sugar cane production.
•1000ml, 750ml, 650ml, 500ml sizes available
• 100% commercially compostable – breaks down within 12-weeks in a commercial compost facility.
• Heat resistant up to serving temperature of 120⁰ C
• Microwavable
• Can be refrigerated
• Fits with our bagasse lid ZUM003 & ZUM006

View the full range here: