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Our two brands of eco food and drinks packaging are designed to use resources sustainably and minimise their environmental impact.

Our Sustain™ packaging is made from plants and compostable, while Revive™ is made from recycled materials and recyclable.

Our Food Packaging Facts:

√  Wide Range: Over 400 food packaging products, spanning 8 different categories:

Cold Drinks Cups • Hot Drinks Cups

Hot Food • Cold Food • Plates & Bowls • Bakery

Napkins & Cutlery • Carrier Bags

√  Eco-friendly: Minimised environmental impact. Sustain™ packaging is made from plants and compostable, while Revive™ is made from recycled materials and recyclable.

For more environmental info on particular product categories, click the buttons below:

√  Competitive on price: The most price-competitive eco packaging on the market! We work hard with our manufacturing supply chain to deliver you low prices.

√  Great to look at: Ensures your food looks as good as it tastes!

√ Personalise: Print your own bespoke design to promote your brand. Or even develop your own packaging from scratch.

Improve Your Sustainability, Switch to Eco-Friendly Food Packaging:

Moving to eco food packaging is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce your business’ environmental impact. You can tell customers your packaging is sustainable because it’s been developed with three questions in mind:

Sustain™ packaging uses bio-plastic; a plastic made from corn.
Q: What is your packaging made of?
A: Plants or recycled materials.

Instead of traditional plastics, Sustain™ packaging uses bio-plastic, which is made from plants such as corn. Plants that are easy to re-grow offer a great renewable resource. Normal plastics in contrast are made from oil, which is finite.

Revive™ packaging uses recycled paper and plastics – so instead of your old water bottles ending up in landfill, they’re recycled into Revive™ packaging.

Sustain™ packaging uses bio-plastic; a plastic made from corn. Image source:

“By choosing eco food packaging, you’re helping conserve the world’s resources. Helping ensure future generations don’t lose out!”

i) Read more about our Sustain™  and Revive™ brands.

Q: How can your packaging be disposed of?
A: By composting or recycling.

Sustain™ packaging is 100% compostable – meaning it will break down into compost within 12 weeks in a commercial composting facility. It can be collected with your food waste for composting. The compost can help grow more plants to make even more packaging – a closed loop model in action.

Revive™ packaging is widely recyclable so can be collected with your recycling and turned into even more packaging. Closing the loop once again!

“By switching to compostable and recyclable packaging, you’re saving valuable materials from landfill and moving your business towards ‘zero waste’.

Q: What is the carbon footprint of your packaging?
A: Minimal. Last year London Bio Packaging saved customers 975 tonnes of carbon. The equivalent emissions of 279 cars driving for 1 year!

Sustain™ packaging is made from carbon-absorbing plants. And, because Sustain™ can be composted with food waste, it diverts waste from landfill, avoiding methane emissions.

Revive™ packaging reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from raw material extraction, mining and manufacturing.

By opting for eco packaging, you’re lowering your carbon footprint. Every little helps in the fight against climate change!

Places You Might Have Seen Our Packaging:

1000s of food and catering businesses, in the UK and further afield, use our eco-friendly packaging – from independent delis and cafes, to chain restaurants and big contract caterers. (Take a look at some of our customers here).

London 2012 Olympic Games

Delivering to the London 2012 Olympics
Delivering our packaging to the Olympic Park in Stratford
We were lucky enough to be the official packaging supplier at the London 2012 Olympics:

√ We supplied over 120 million pieces of eco-friendly food packaging.

√ Helped deliver a ‘closed loop’ waste service, composting and recycling 4616 tonnes of waste.

√ No waste went to landfill. Making the Games the biggest zero waste event ever held! (Watch our video here).

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