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What we do

Founded in 2005 London Bio Packaging is the original & leading supplier of compostable and recycled packaging to the food and catering industry.

Our vision:

√ To supply you with sustainable, high quality and affordable products.
√ To be more than just a business. We have a ‘triple bottom line’ giving environmental, social and economic concerns equal consideration. We believe this is fundamental to our success.
√ To be passionate about looking after you – our customers. We aim to provide excellent, flexible and personal customer service. We want to build long lasting relationships.

Our products:

We design, develop and supply a wide range of sustainable food and drinks packaging.

> Eco food packaging:

We have two brands of disposable food packaging, called Sustain™ and Revive™. Each brand has been designed to use resources sustainably. We achieved this by thinking about what the packaging is made of, and where it goes after use.

Sustain™: All packaging in the Sustain™ brand has been made from renewable resources (i.e. ones that won’t run out. We use plants!). And it’s certified as 100% compostable in a commercial/industrial compost facility – meaning once it gets to a commercial composter it can be turned into compost after use – ready to help grow more plants.

Revive™: Our Revive™ packaging is made using recycled materials (such as recycled plastic, made from the old water and fizzy drinks bottles we’ve thrown away). It’s also widely recyclable so after use, have it collected with your paper and plastics for recycling!