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When it comes to sustainable disposables in the UK, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all,’ silver-bullet solution. Just look at London – almost every borough has its own waste collection, sorting, and processing capabilities making it almost impossible for any one type of disposable to be a universally sustainable option.

But when there’s no best answer, what do you do?

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That’s where we come in. While there is no unequivocal best solution when it comes to disposables, there are absolutely better solutions that still can make a huge difference for our environment

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We at London Bio Packaging aim to sell the most sustainable disposables on the market today – and that’s not always the same for every business. But don’t worry – we offer two ranges of eco food packaging, Sustain and Revive. With us, you’re never stuck with just one rigid option or range of packaging. Instead, you can choose the road to sustainability that better suits your business!

The way we see it, there are two sides of the sustainability coin when it comes to disposable packaging: what is it made of and what can you do with it after use. Our Sustain and Revive ranges were designed to check both of those boxes all while offering you the value, variety, and selection your business requires and customers expect. And where our packaging can’t be disposed of as intended, you can always know your eco food packaging is made from the good stuff. To read more about what makes our packaging sustainable, take a peek at our FAQs – they’re pretty informative!

So with us, you can always shop our catalogue knowing that whichever way you go, you are doing better by your business, your customers, and your planet – we call that a win, win, win. 

Our Ranges

sustain packaging renewable resources and commercially compostable
sustain packaging renewable resources and commercially compostable

Made from plants. Breaks down to grow more plants. Ahhh – the circle of life!

Sustainable Packaging Materials: Renewable Resources

If you can believe it, our Sustain range is made completely from renewable resources (plants) – that means it is 100% oil-based plastic free!

Renewable resources are materials that can be, well, renewed. That means that once you take some for use, more can easily be replenished. The plants grow at a rate that is comparable or faster than their rate of consumption.

Our Sustain™ range is made from renewable resources like trees, corn-starch for bio-plastics, or crop by-products like sugarcane pulp – all sustainably grown and processed into the high-quality packaging you see in our shop.

By comparison, oil-based plastic is made from oil which is a finite resource – meaning, once we use the resource, there’s no getting it back. So, oil and other fossil fuels are limited. Take a look here at the main materials we use to make our packaging.

These are plastics made from plant starch, specifically corn starch. The starch contained within the plant is processed to produce a polymer. It is bio plastic cups and strawsactually possible to produce most polymers from bio materials, but the bio plastics London Bio Packaging uses most commonly are Ingeo™ PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid).

Bio-plastics behave in a similar way to conventional plastics and are suitable for most packaging applications.

However, unlike finite oil based plastics which take millions of years to form and hundreds of years to degrade, they are annually renewable and suitable for commercial or industrially produced compost within 12 weeks where facilities exist.

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The waste material produced once sugar cane has been harvested for the sugar syrup is called bagasse. This fibrous material is a renewable resource. What’s better is that it is made from a waste product – i.e. it reduces waste!

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Sugar bagasse is turned into packaging products from its raw form using a process of heating, pulping and then pressurised moulding. These are heat resistant and microwaveable making them ideal as hot food containers and best of all,  compostable.

Bagasse products are 100% plastic free!

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These products are natural and compostable. They are very stylish, tough and heat resistant.

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Wholeleaf products have no pulp, no starch. Really, it’s just a leaf fallen from a tree in India that’s been washed and pressed into unique tableware.

Once heat pressed (without chemicals, glue or anything else) the leaves become strong and durable. That is, until you’re ready to compost them and they go right back into the soil.

Because these plates are made from actual, nature-grown palm leaves varies in thickness from 2 to 4mm, as well as in colour and pattern, so you will find that every plate or bowl is completely unique!

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The card/paper or wood used to make our paper and card products comes from trees farmed from a responsibly managed

forest. This applies to all our paper or card products: cups, bio boxes, wrap containers, etc!

sustain cupsThe trees are replaced faster than they are consumed. Sustainable forest paper ensures that the forests from which the paper comes are managed to maintain forest integrity.

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Just new recyclable packaging, made from old recyclable packaging –  simple!

Sustainable Packaging Materials: Recycled Materials

Recycled materials are simply materials that have been used before and then used again – so not wasted to landfill or litter.

You might have wondered what happens after you’ve done the good deed of dropping your plastic into the plastics recycling bin or those old journals into the paper bin? Well, depending on what type of plastic it is it might get down-cycled (recycled into a lower quality product) or up-cycled (recycled into the same product or one of equal quality).

That’s why we love our Revive™ range so much: it’s made from the only plastics that can be up-cycled back into food grade products (rPET mixed with PET). And what does that mean? That our Revive™ range is plastic bottles made from plastic bottles. How cool is that?

rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) is the most common plastic that is being recycled back into primary

revive bottles

applications (i.e. bottles recycled back into bottles and not ‘down-cycled’ into lesser products like park furniture).

Recycled plastics reduce the amount of fossil fuel resources, have a lower carbon footprint than virgin plastics, divert material from landfill and can themselves be recycled. Our Revive packaging is made with between 20– 100% post-consumer waste.

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Recycled paper/card products contribute to the diversion of material from landfill and results

2 cup trayin less land being given over to commercial forestry which can have a negative impact on biodiversity.

Sustainable forest paper ensures that the forests from which the paper comes are managed so as maintain forest integrity.

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Sustainable Waste Stream: Commercially Compostable

Sustain packaging is 100% compostables which means it’s designed to be collected and commercially composted with your food waste.

Compostable means that a product will degrade into compost only under very specific and rigid criteria which are created in a commercial facility including heating the materials to certain temperature.

During composting, compostable products will break down into carbon dioxide (CO2), water, inorganic compounds and biomass which leaves no visible contaminants or toxic residue/substances.

After this process, the waste is turned into a nutrient dense mulch ideal for growing of more plants. Again, for a product to be called commercially compostable, it must be certified to EN13432 or its equivalent.

Tip: Despite common misconception, it is not biodegradable – click here to learn more!

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Sustainable Waste Stream: Widely Recyclable

Widely recyclable not only means that the materials which make a product could be disassembled, remodelled, and used again, but also means that the materials will be recycled as they are accepted for recycling across the UK.

For example rPET mentioned earlier is recycled throughout the UK, as is paper and cardboard.

Though everything is technically recyclable, not everything is recycled – even if you pop it into the recycling bin.

Beyond the limitations of recycling due to food contamination, recycling can be especially confusing because not all regions or boroughs will recycle the same things, bins aren’t always clear, and on top of that, different waste collectors ‘recycle’ different materials.

That’s why choosing products that are widely recyclable, like our Revive range, is so important!

Click here to go to the UK’s official On-Pack Recycling Labels System

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Not sure which range is right for your business? That’s okay! Give your local waste authority a call to learn more about what’s available in your area and then drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help you make the right choice for you.

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