Well, the composting infrastructure in the UK is in its infancy. Today, there are very few commercial composters that will actually accept compostable packaging.

Across environmentally minded packaging suppliers, users, national and local government, efforts are being made to find a solution. The big reason which keeps the composting bird stuck on the runway is plastic contamination in the waste. At the time of the London 2012 Olympics there was a rush to compost (we actually supplied the Olympics – 120 million pieces of packaging!). However since then, composting sites one by one have turned down compostable waste because of plastics found in it, i.e. the bin is only meant for food waste and compostable packaging, not plastic. That in turn led to poor compost output – how is a composter meant to sell compost that has a plastic fork in it? So, they’ve slowly stopped accepting or collecting compostable packaging – and it’s not something they’ve advertised either which means that the situation is none too clear.

So, in a nutshell, we do believe in compostables and we are working on re-mapping which composters do take packaging, we know that several of our customers compost packaging successfully and we want more stories like that! Even if only one new shop successfully composts packaging, that’s a whole lot of rubbish turned into resource – no litter, no landfill, no problem!