When plastic use is frivolous, when it’s not recycled, and when it is littered. There’s two sides to think about: the manufacturing of plastic and what happens in disposal. See, plastics are meant to endure – they are made from a finite resource, oil, and we all know that the environmental impacts of extraction have already come under fire. Today most of the outrage comes around the disposal and litter side of things. Have you heard the claim that every piece of plastic you have ever used is still in existence? Whether or not that’s wholly true, the idea is right: plastics can take centuries to degrade. You’ve probably noticed the term ‘single-use plastics’ quite a bit. It’s all a part of our troublesome one-and-done throwaway culture. If you think about your everyday life and the amount of plastic you use only once and then immediately throw away it can be overwhelming – think plastic forks, grocery bags, food containers. Or what about the plastic you use for a month or so and then throw away – think toothbrushes, laundry detergent containers, hand soup dispensers. We use these items for seconds, but they can last a lifetime. But the worst is litter – don’t get us started on litter.