Recycled materials are simply materials that have been used before. In our case, this would be the recycled paper/card we use or the recycled plastic we use. On the paper side, these are usually recycled from post-consumer paper waste. And on the plastic side, you might have wondered what happens after you’ve done the good deed of dropping your plastic into the recycling bin? Well, depending on what type of plastic it is it might get down-cycled (recycled into a lower quality product) or up-cycled (recycled into the same product or one of equal quality). That’s why we love the plastics in our Revive™ range so much: it’s made from the only plastics that can be upcycled back into food grade products (rPET mixed with PET). And what does that mean? That our Revive™ range is plastic bottles made from plastic bottles. How cool is that?