The first thing you can do is encourage your customers to reduce and reuse, consider offering incentives for eating or drinking in. Then when you need to have the option for a takeaway service, that’s where our sustainable packaging comes in. Talk to us to help you determine if Sustain™ or Revive™ is right for your shop. Tell your customers that you use sustainable packaging and all the efforts you make for the planet (we’ll soon be releasing some new point-of-sale materials for you to show-off all the good work you’re doing, watch this space). From there, let’s keep in close dialogue. We are staying current with the change and ensuring our products are the most sustainable options out there. There is so much innovation happening in the marketplace and we want to be sure to offer suitable solutions to our customers, as they are available. So through buying our products not only are you buying better, but you are tapping into a resource that will keep you up-to-date on the situation.