Good question – it’s a bit more complex than just dropping your rubbish in the recycling bin and magically turning into something else. Though everything is technically recyclable, not everything is recycled – even if you pop it into the recycling bin. Beyond the limitations of recycling due to food contamination, recycling can be especially confusing because not all regions or boroughs will recycle the same things, bins aren’t always clear, and on top of that, different waste collectors ‘recycle’ different materials.

In our world, recyclable not only means that the materials which make a product could be disassembled, re-modeled, and used again, but also means that the materials will be recycled as they are accepted for recycling across the UK. For example polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and rPET mentioned earlier are recycled throughout the UK, as is paper and cardboard.  These are what we call ‘widely recyclable.’