First and foremost, consider how you use your packaging – is it fit for purpose? Are you putting one napkin in the to-go bag or 10? Always encourage your customers to think again before grabbing their disposables. Otherwise, unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer today – but don’t worry we will help you figure it out. The quest for best is natural.  By the same tack, a business’ attempt to claim the best is also equally natural. But, the reality is that it’s far more complicated in the UK and there is no unequivocal best when it comes to disposables in the UK. But there are better options (read more about how our products are better). These are options that though not perfect are still fantastic progress for a more sustainable system. And not to mention that better also leaves room for continual improvement – we at London Bio Packaging would never settle for just best. So we say better, is wildly better than nothing, worst, and even best.