Did you know Henry Ford invented the motor before there were proper roads? Progress doesn’t happen all at once and it requires a series of compounded events to happen. Today, the compostable products exist – and not just in our café packaging, but they also exist in supermarket packaging like fruit stickers, grocery bags, etc.. The composting technology also exists. The missing pieces are not-so-simply the vendor buy-in, public buy-in, and sufficient momentum to get the right infrastructure in place. But we think our partnership – us, your customers, and you – is helping to build that momentum. The more businesses that have compostable packaging, the more pressure there is on the system, the better the story is to develop the proper infrastructure. If we can continue to prove the concept, maybe that will help shift our culture. As the public’s outcry has increased in the past few months, there’s already a ton of momentum for compostable packaging – let’s keep it going!

Oh, and don’t forget, they’re made from renewable resources and that in itself is a whole lot of better for the planet.