Litter in general is abhorrent – what’s more heartbreaking than seeing our beautiful planet contaminated by human rubbish? When you throw rubbish in the park or see someone fly-tipping a bin, the rubbish is no longer contained. It leaks into our environment: it’s in our parks, our water streams, our oceans, and therefore our food chain – if you can believe it, probably all of us have unknowingly ingested plastic.[1][2] It’s killing species and endangering eco-systems. And that’s just how it impacts us in the UK – many other parts of the world have it much worse as litter disrupts water supplies and blocks water flow. Litter by all accounts is not sustainable. Not for our planet, not for our oceans, not for life on earth.


Sources: [1] Ocean Life Eats Tons of Plastic—Here’s Why That Matters National Geographic  16 Aug 2017