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Sustainable Cold Drinks Cups

Craving a beer? Or how about a refreshing smoothie? Here you’ll find our full range of Sustainable Cold Drinks Cups.

Our Sustain Range is completely renewable! It’s made completely from renewable resources – plants, not oil-based plastic. That’s a huge win for the planet. It is also 100% commercially compostable. Read more about the sustainable materials used in Sustain and its end of life solution.

sustain clear cups
sustain pint cups

Sustain Clear Cups Lids

sustain flat lid no straw
sustain dome lid with straw

revive logo recycled and recyclable packaging

Our Revive range promotes a circular economy through recycling. These products are made with recycled paper, recycled card, recycled plastic – and can be recycled again! Read more about the sustainable materials used in Revive and its end of life solution.

Revive 16oz Polarity Tumbler
revive pint cups
Revive rPET bottle - 500ml - Boxed

Revive Lids

all lids
Revive 7-10oz Polarity Dome Lid With Hole
sustain white lid bottle
LDPE Bottle Tamper Proof Lid


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