Sustainable Hot Drinks Cups

Don’t be ashamed, we’re caffeine addicts, too! That’s why we’ve got only the best sustainable Hot Drinks Cups available for you and your customers.

Our two ranges of eco hot drinks cups help you choose the cup that’s right for your business. Choose from Sustain, compostable cups made from sustainable paper and a bio-plastic lining, or Revive, ripple cups that are recyclable through a specialised recycling scheme. 

We have 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz and 16oz cups available in a variety of designs – or design your own cups. Take your pick – whatever you choose, Mother Nature will thank you!

Looking for a more sustainable alternative to your hot drinks cups? Our Sustain hot drinks cups are completely made from sustainable forest paper with a bio-plastic (PLA) lining. They’re 100% commercially compostable. All designs come in Double Wall or Single Wall depending on your needs. Or if you’d like to design your own, take a look at our Bespoke Printing Service.

Kraft Printed Cups
Kraft Plain Cups
White Cups
Greenline Cups

revive logo recycled and recyclable packaging

These cups are a stylish way to serve your hot drinks. With a triple layer coating, there’s no need for an additional sleeve. They are recyclable through the Simply Cups Scheme, a specialised recycling program.

kraft ripple
black ripple


Our Sustain lids are made from bio-plasitc (PLA) and are 100% commercially compostable. The General Waste lids are made from plastic and should be disposed in the general waste bin.

Compostable lid
white general waste lid
black lid general waste