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Revive Pint Cups

It’s beer o’clock! And don’t ruin the best part of the day with non-sustainable cups. Instead, our Revive Pint Cups are made with recycled plastic and are recyclable – an excellent way to support the recycling economy and encourage a more eco-friendly business.

  • Disposable eco-friendly 1 pint cups. Made from rPET, a post-consumer recycled plastic material - meaning these 1 pint cups are made from your old bottles! And the rcups can themselves be recycled after use. The pint cups are clear, strong and carry the CE mark. They're perfect for alcoholic drinks and cold soft drinks.
  • These half pint cups are made from rPET, a post consumer recycled plastic material - the cups are made from your old soft drinks bottles! And after use the cups can be recycled into new cups. Use these clear cups (CE marked) for serving cold soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

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