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  • Made from rPET, a post-consumer recycled plastic, the 250ml recycled bottles are made from your old soft drinks bottles! They can be fully recycled after use. The disposable bottles are clear, strong, and perfect for cold drinks. Lids sold seperatly. Please note this product is boxed and therefore better protected from damage in shipping. If you'd like to consider an alternative, please see product H04930 which is the same bottles, but sent in a bag instead and therefore comes at a reduced price. However, please know that it will have a higher likelihood of being damaged in shipping.
  • The 250ml rPET round hinged container is a small plastic food pot - a great small fruit salad, olive or deli food pot.
  • These are the smallest of the Revive rectangular containers. With a hinged lid, it's easy to pack and serve these to your customers. The best part is that these are made with recycled plastic and can be recycled again! So, each of these containers is supporting the recycling economy.
    • 250ml container is the smallest of this range. Check out the 370ml or 500ml for smaller alternatives.
    • Made with rPET (recycled plastic!). Read more here.
    • Widely recyclable
    • Suitable for freezing
    • Temperature tolerance: -40 to 60C
    • Hinged lid snaps securely on for safe storage
    • These stack into each other for space saving in your shop
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    Bio-plastic Salad Container – this disposable, eco-friendly salad container is made from Biopolymer. Biopolymer created using the waste of sugarcane, the sugar (dextrose) in corn undergoes a chemical process to become PLA. Corn is easy to regrow making it a great renewable resource. It has several economic and environmental advantages as it can be easily be composted. This can only be used for cold food as due its composition they must be stored in dry conditions and away from temperatures above 40°C  
  • So, you're looking for a sustainable salad container? Take a look at this 250ml / 8 oz rectangular container made from plants, not oil-based plastic. Use this for salads, pastas, or even pasta salads! And you can bet they're high-quality, too. Really, your customers will love these. This is the smallest of our Sustain Rectangular Hinged Containers.
    • Made from plants, not plastic. PLA (bio-plastic) is made from corn starch. Read more here.
    • 100% commercially compostable